Friday, May 14, 2010

Struggling to Maintain

I've been a bad blogger lately - I haven't had too much new to report and have really been struggling over the last few weeks - my weight has gone up to 126/127 at one point and it took a lot of effort to get it back down.

The good news is that I am running again and my hip injury seems to have healed (thankfully!). But running is not coming as easily to me as it was before. I just have to stick to it and hopefully it will get easier.

I'm reading the last of my Christmas books at the moment, The China Study...

...and let me tell you I am scared to eat just about anything now - haha.  I read all nutrition books with a critical eye so there are a few issues I have with this book, but the general premis that a diet largely comprised of natural plant foods protects against cancer and other diseases is hard to dispute.  So have an extra serving of green veggies today!!

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