Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just checking in..........

I'm still going to weigh in on Tuesdays to make sure I can keep my weight in check for a while. Still 126, so that is good!

I signed up for a challenge on nikeplus.com to run 15 miles in one week - which is a lot for me! I did it though - I logged over 16 miles and felt very proud of myself. Tonight I went running during my son's soccer practice and boy did the wind under my sails die down!! It was a tough run - harder than any recent run I can remember. I felt like my legs were two barrels of lead - it was hot and I was tired and almost gave up. But I hung in there!

I do not listen to music when I run - and tonight for some reason I was tuned into the pat...pat...pat of my feet hitting the pavement. I realized I could hear my feet hitting the ground. The pat...pat...pat turned into a slap...slap...slap. It was a sluggish, clumsey run, but a run nonetheless. I love when there is a spring in my step a soft push...push...push off the pavement. I tried to turn my slaps into pushes but it was hard! The pattern I seemed to repeat over and over: push...push..push...pat...pat...pat... slap...slap...slap! When I got to the slaps, I realized it was time to force myself back to the pushes. On and on I went until I was done. It was a long 3.6 miles!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Monday Morning and A New Read

Still holding at 126 and had a 'non-scale' victory this am. I put on one of my least favorite pairs of pants this morning that I haven't worn in a while b/c I always feel like my thighs look huge in them and they actually looked nice today! They are not the most flattering cut, but it doesn't matter now that I am down 12 pounds. It was a pleasant surprise for a Monday morning!

I finished Dr. H's book, and was searching the shelves of Barnes & Noble yesterday for a new read. As I've mentioned before, I like to read health and fitness books as I find they give me good information and motivation. [short aside here: One thing I have noticed is that the nutritional information is not always consistent even among reputable books, which just goes to show that there is probably a lot we still don't know, and there are a lot of funky extreme diets out there so you have to be careful with what you choose to read.] Anyhow, I picked up Chasing Life by Sanjay Gupta... CNN ran a documentary on this subject a while ago and I loved watching it. So when I saw the book, I knew I had to get it. I'm about 1/3 of the way through and many of the people he mentions in the book were featured in the documentary. The premis of the book is a world wide study they did of longevity. They visited places on earth where people lived the longest to try to draw some general conlusions for factors that lead to long life. Here are some of the factors I have read so far: a diet rich in fruits and vegetables; an active lifestyle; attitude and outlook on life; cultural views of the elderly. He starts off talking about advances in stem cell research in other countries, but once you get past the first chapter, there is a lot of good nutrition and fitness information.

If you recall my first post on this blog, the weight was only one of my concerns. I had noticed many physical changes in myself over the past year - cellulite in places where I never had it before, way more grey hair, differences in my skin texture and tone, feeling tired all the time, oh and yes, extra weight that wouldn't come off easily. I think I realized that I was aging and it literally scared me into this lifestyle change. The weight loss is only part of it for me. I want to live longer and live better so I can be around to see my children and grandchildren grow up (but not too soon!!).

It is a sad reality that our accepted lifestyle in the US is a very unhealthy one. Sanjay points out in the book that there are at least 20 developed countries that have longer life expectancy than the US. We are literally killing ouselves with overeating and underexercising. Let's face it - the generally accepted behavior is hard to go against. It is difficult to find healthy food on the run - french fries and ice cream are all around us. On a similar note, I make a point to send healthy lunches to school with my kids - but it is hard to respond when my 6 year old comes home and complains that Johnny (name changed for the example) gets Doritos in his lunch all the time, so he wants them too. I would explain over and over why I send fruits and veggies instead but he still thinks my lunches stink. Finally one day I said "Well Johnny's mother must not love him as much as I love you." So there. I don't even care if that gets repeated at school - if so then I hope Johnny goes home and asks his mom about that!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well it took 10 weeks, some more difficult than others, but I hung in there and officially reached my goal weight of 126 this morning!! That is a loss of 12 pounds. Woot-Woot! And I did it the right way - eating healthy (not starving myself) and exercising.

Who knew 10 weeks ago that I would be able to run 3+ miles on a regular basis now? My clothes fit better and I don't struggle doing a push up now. My husband says I look taller and he can tell my legs look thinner. I can feel all the muscles in my body now - usually because they are stiff in the mornings now (lol) but it is a 'good' stiff and at least now they are being used!

I re-read my original post this morning, and I have come a long way in 10 weeks. Check it out here: http://thegettinskinnyscrapper.blogspot.com/2009/06/blog-post.html
I can really tell a difference in looking at the original photo. I wish I would have taken measurements! But my original goals were to (1) lose 12 pounds (2) be able to run 5k comfortably and (3) gain muscle tone. I've accomplished all 3 of those and am just beside myself that I actually was able to set and accomplish these goals. I was so TIRED when I started, but now I have energy and feel great. Exercising truly does make a difference!

So now the challenge is to keep it off! I would like to lose another pound or two so that 126 is by 'heavy' weight. But for now, holding at 126 is the goal. I have also set some running goals for myself on the nikeplus.com site, so that will hopefully help keep me motivated on the exercise front.

Thanks for checking in with me today and if you get a chance, please leave a comment - it really helps keep me going [side note, a few of you have emailed me that you can't leave a comment without an error, apparently if you try again immediately after getting the error it will let you post - some glitch in blogger or something]. Have a great day!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Let's Talk Food - Shall We?!

I feel like I've been posting a lot about exercise lately, so I thought I would take time today to post about some of the foods that I have discovered or have just been eating a lot of lately....

(1) Crazy Bowls & Wraps - my favorite fast food chain. I get a Chicken Teriyaki Superbowl (smaller size) with white meat and brown rice. I choose the steamed veggies for my side (and they are amazing). The website lists the calories as 325 with 5 g of fat. I'm thinking that may not include a side and seems low to me because it is a lot of food, so I count it as 375 cal. It is very filling and great if you are having a 'hungry' day.

(2) Frosted Mini Wheats. 24 biscuts is 200 calories - so kindof hefty for cereal but it is packed with fiber and is very filling. I add a scoop of ground flax seed and about 1/4 cup of frozen wild blueberries (very high in antioxidents) to the bowl and top it off with about 2/3 cup of skim milk. Another very filling meal that also satisfies my sweet tooth!

(3) Ground flax seed. I have about a tablespoon of this stuff per day (usually in cereal but you can add it to anything). It is high in Omega 3's which are very good for a number of health issues. It is also have read that it is a natural anti-inflammatory which is great for helping with the aches and pains of exercise!

(4) Shrimp. Speaking of Omega 3's, I love coctail shrimp. Also high in protein and low in calories so a great dinner with a big salad for days when you have overeaten. I do splurge with a bit of coctail sauce, but try not to use too much. I buy about a pound in my grocery store (already cooked then frozen) I thaw the shrimp and serve it in a chip-n-dip tray with the coctail sauce in the middle. It's gone in about 15 minutes in this house.

(5) Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie Patties. I've mentioned these before - they have been a staple of my diet for years. Served on a wheat bun with a dab of ketchup for lunch several times a week. Love these. Can't go wrong with any of their offerings really. Just recently discovered their chicken grillers which are only 80 calories but very high in protein and fiber.

(6) Apples. I love Del Monte (I think?) Apple bites and Apple-Grape bites. Already washed and cut and in individual packages. These are great to take to work and I plan to keep them on hand for the boys lunches when school starts back. I read a study in Prevention magazine a few years ago that Pectin (found in apples) is a natural appetite suppressant too. Don't skimp on the fruit!!

(7) Fresh Broccoli. Last but not certainly least. I eat this just about every day. It is one of those super foods that is so healthy for you. I eat it raw, steamed or blanched (my favorite way but that takes a bit of work so I don't have it that way too often). I found that you can buy a bag of precut broccoli (ready to steam in the plastic bag) in the produce section so that is great to eat raw out of the bag, or just add a handful to a salad. I DO NOT steam anything in a plastic bag (due to the risk of toxins getting into the food). I steam in a stainless steel steamer on the stovetop - not as fast as the microwave, but still quick and the taste is way better.

Ok, I'll add more if I think of it, but these things have really helped me over the past several weeks. PS - did I mention that I was 126 on the scale this am!?!?! Woot-woot but not going to count it yet until I get on the scale Tuesday am. Just need to get through the weekend (holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed)....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did You See Her???

My Nike Mini-me - look over on the right hand side of my blog and scroll down.....do you see her now?? I just joined Nike+, which I hope will become my new obsession! I wear Nike shoes and realized that if put a Nike+ chip into my shoes and wear this arm band when I run... ...that later I can pop it into my computer USB port and all of my running data will upload to my Nike+ profile!! So today after work I am going to purchase the armband as a reward to myself for sticking with my plan for 9 weeks! I'll let you know how it works after my first run with it tonight.

My Mini-me is getting irritated that she hasn't gone on any runs yet - haha - she keeps changing and is pretty funny. There is so much you can do on Nike+ (in addition to tracking your running) - you can participate in challenges, find or create running routes, chat with others, and more. Check it out at http://www.nikeplus.com/ !!! If you are already set up on there, add me as a friend - I am JenninMO.

Happy Running!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Circle of Friends Blog Award!

Thanks so much again to Dot for awarding me a Circle of Friends blog award! Here it is:Now the fun part - I get to pass this on to 5 blogs! Here are the blogs I selected because I they are a fabulous resource for ideas and inspiration!!
1. Veronica http://www.leiasblogg.blogspot.com/ - fabulous blog of my Sweedish friend, with great scrapbooking ideas (even though I can't read Sweedish, I can look at the layouts - LOL!).
2. Cameron http://www.createbeautydaily.blogspot.com/ - a great blog for all things crafty - this girl makes everything and takes amazing photos!
3. Shar http://www.scrapendipity.blogspot.com/ - a great blog for scrapping and die cutting inspiration!
4. Karen http://www.helmkahappenings.blogspot.com/ - a great blog for scrapping, die cutting, and amazing photography.
5. And last but certainly not least, to Robyn, a huge inspiration to me in my gettin' skinny quest! Her amazing blog can be found at: http://thepinkloser.blogspot.com/

So ok selected bloggers, here are the rules for this award: To pick up the Circle of Friends Blog Award cut and paste the award logo and use it on your own blog. Nominate 5 other bloggers you feel have become part of your circle of friends. Link to your nominees within your blog post. Include these instructions on how to pick up the award in your blog post. Link back to the person who gave you the award in your blog post, to show your appreciation.

128 and Holding!!!

Ok, I actually accomplished my goal this week of maintaining my weight - woo hoo! This was quite good for me because I spent most of the week visiting family (and their cooking) out of town. I allowed myself to 'splurge' on whiskey slush, red wine, 2 cookies and a sliver of cake at one meal, but other than that I did well. I even went to the local high school track one day with my hubby and ran 3 miles. I'm running 3 miles in a row quite comfortably now.......it took a while to get there, but I did it. For everyone out there who thinks it will never get easier, keep hanging on and it will happen! When I started out on this quest, I couldn't run a mile outside and now I'm up to 3 - it is a great feeling!

Another great feeling is the first blog award I received from Dot!! It is a Circle of Friends one and I am so flattered!! Thank you Dot! She has a great crafting blog - check it out at: http://dottiemaes.blogspot.com/!! I get to pass the blog award on to five other blogs, so I'm excited to do that - I almost have them all picked out so I'll post again later when I do!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Down 10 Pounds!!!!

I was 128 on the scale this am!! I can hardly believe it. That is a total of 10 pounds lost in 8 weeks. Only 2 pounds away from my goal weight now. It has been a lot more difficult than I anticipated, but I am proud of myself for hanging in there. This week was tough - I did great but the scale kept fluctuating between 129 and 131 - soooo frustrating when you are doing all of the right things. I ate a low amount of calories yesteray and ran 3 miles last night because I was afraid the scale would show me gaining the pound I feared. So my goal for this week is to just maintain the 128 weight. I am visiting family this week, so I know it will be challenging - anytime I am out of normal routine it is difficut. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adventures in Running

A few things I have learned the hard way........

(1) If you decide to take your Siberian Husky on your run with you, be prepared that she will think you are training her for the Iditarod (especially if she is used to going on fast and long runs with your 6'2" husband).

(2) If you decide to run on a warm summer night and trash pick-up is the next morning, remember to go on your run as early in the evening as possible........eeeeewwwww!

(3) If you are feeling bloated and decide to wear your 'fat' shorts on your run, do a test jog first in the house so you don't end up having to hold them up the whole time (although it is a good problem to have in the grand scheme of things -haha).

Beyond the Points

My younger sister reminded me that I never posted a picture of my new food journal. I started to keep track of my daily intake of actual calories, fat, fiber, and protein instead of in terms of Weight Watchers points. Don't get me wrong, I am a big WW fan and the points system helped me maintain a reasonably healthy weight for a long time. But as I get closer to my 'skinny' goal I realized I need to be a bit more detailed about my food journaling. I always was able to do a pretty good job estimating calories, but had gotten away from that with the WW points so much so that I was just thinking in terms of points.

So here is the journal I picked up at the bookstore to help me get back to the nutritional breakdown mindset:
It is great - fits right into my purse and has a small index of food in the back. My older sister got me hooked on http://www.calorieking.com/ to look up the details of food. So far, so good. I'm averaging about 1250 calories per day, which is a good level for me for weight loss.

Here is what I am reading at the moment. It is written by the physician who is in charge of monitoring The Biggest Loser contestants. The plan is written to target obese people, however, there is a ton of great information about exercise and body composition in this book. I'm about half way through and enjoying it.
Did a 3 mile run this evening and passed up on the family trip to Dairy Queen tonight (after the 16 point birthday cake slice episode I can't step foot in that place again). The scale seems stuck at 129 but hopefully I will see it move for Tuesday's weight check in. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!