Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beyond the Points

My younger sister reminded me that I never posted a picture of my new food journal. I started to keep track of my daily intake of actual calories, fat, fiber, and protein instead of in terms of Weight Watchers points. Don't get me wrong, I am a big WW fan and the points system helped me maintain a reasonably healthy weight for a long time. But as I get closer to my 'skinny' goal I realized I need to be a bit more detailed about my food journaling. I always was able to do a pretty good job estimating calories, but had gotten away from that with the WW points so much so that I was just thinking in terms of points.

So here is the journal I picked up at the bookstore to help me get back to the nutritional breakdown mindset:
It is great - fits right into my purse and has a small index of food in the back. My older sister got me hooked on to look up the details of food. So far, so good. I'm averaging about 1250 calories per day, which is a good level for me for weight loss.

Here is what I am reading at the moment. It is written by the physician who is in charge of monitoring The Biggest Loser contestants. The plan is written to target obese people, however, there is a ton of great information about exercise and body composition in this book. I'm about half way through and enjoying it.
Did a 3 mile run this evening and passed up on the family trip to Dairy Queen tonight (after the 16 point birthday cake slice episode I can't step foot in that place again). The scale seems stuck at 129 but hopefully I will see it move for Tuesday's weight check in. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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