Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just checking in..........

I'm still going to weigh in on Tuesdays to make sure I can keep my weight in check for a while. Still 126, so that is good!

I signed up for a challenge on nikeplus.com to run 15 miles in one week - which is a lot for me! I did it though - I logged over 16 miles and felt very proud of myself. Tonight I went running during my son's soccer practice and boy did the wind under my sails die down!! It was a tough run - harder than any recent run I can remember. I felt like my legs were two barrels of lead - it was hot and I was tired and almost gave up. But I hung in there!

I do not listen to music when I run - and tonight for some reason I was tuned into the pat...pat...pat of my feet hitting the pavement. I realized I could hear my feet hitting the ground. The pat...pat...pat turned into a slap...slap...slap. It was a sluggish, clumsey run, but a run nonetheless. I love when there is a spring in my step a soft push...push...push off the pavement. I tried to turn my slaps into pushes but it was hard! The pattern I seemed to repeat over and over: push...push..push...pat...pat...pat... slap...slap...slap! When I got to the slaps, I realized it was time to force myself back to the pushes. On and on I went until I was done. It was a long 3.6 miles!!!


  1. Good job for keeping it going! :) Congrats!

  2. Good for you!!! I still think running is WAY hard no matter where you are at. I can't believe you don't listen to music when you run. I don't know if I could do it without my Ipod. The sounds I would hear would be me complaining!!!

    Your weightloss is going FABULOUS!!!! Keep up the great work!!