Tuesday, August 11, 2009

128 and Holding!!!

Ok, I actually accomplished my goal this week of maintaining my weight - woo hoo! This was quite good for me because I spent most of the week visiting family (and their cooking) out of town. I allowed myself to 'splurge' on whiskey slush, red wine, 2 cookies and a sliver of cake at one meal, but other than that I did well. I even went to the local high school track one day with my hubby and ran 3 miles. I'm running 3 miles in a row quite comfortably now.......it took a while to get there, but I did it. For everyone out there who thinks it will never get easier, keep hanging on and it will happen! When I started out on this quest, I couldn't run a mile outside and now I'm up to 3 - it is a great feeling!

Another great feeling is the first blog award I received from Dot!! It is a Circle of Friends one and I am so flattered!! Thank you Dot! She has a great crafting blog - check it out at: http://dottiemaes.blogspot.com/!! I get to pass the blog award on to five other blogs, so I'm excited to do that - I almost have them all picked out so I'll post again later when I do!

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