Friday, August 14, 2009

Let's Talk Food - Shall We?!

I feel like I've been posting a lot about exercise lately, so I thought I would take time today to post about some of the foods that I have discovered or have just been eating a lot of lately....

(1) Crazy Bowls & Wraps - my favorite fast food chain. I get a Chicken Teriyaki Superbowl (smaller size) with white meat and brown rice. I choose the steamed veggies for my side (and they are amazing). The website lists the calories as 325 with 5 g of fat. I'm thinking that may not include a side and seems low to me because it is a lot of food, so I count it as 375 cal. It is very filling and great if you are having a 'hungry' day.

(2) Frosted Mini Wheats. 24 biscuts is 200 calories - so kindof hefty for cereal but it is packed with fiber and is very filling. I add a scoop of ground flax seed and about 1/4 cup of frozen wild blueberries (very high in antioxidents) to the bowl and top it off with about 2/3 cup of skim milk. Another very filling meal that also satisfies my sweet tooth!

(3) Ground flax seed. I have about a tablespoon of this stuff per day (usually in cereal but you can add it to anything). It is high in Omega 3's which are very good for a number of health issues. It is also have read that it is a natural anti-inflammatory which is great for helping with the aches and pains of exercise!

(4) Shrimp. Speaking of Omega 3's, I love coctail shrimp. Also high in protein and low in calories so a great dinner with a big salad for days when you have overeaten. I do splurge with a bit of coctail sauce, but try not to use too much. I buy about a pound in my grocery store (already cooked then frozen) I thaw the shrimp and serve it in a chip-n-dip tray with the coctail sauce in the middle. It's gone in about 15 minutes in this house.

(5) Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie Patties. I've mentioned these before - they have been a staple of my diet for years. Served on a wheat bun with a dab of ketchup for lunch several times a week. Love these. Can't go wrong with any of their offerings really. Just recently discovered their chicken grillers which are only 80 calories but very high in protein and fiber.

(6) Apples. I love Del Monte (I think?) Apple bites and Apple-Grape bites. Already washed and cut and in individual packages. These are great to take to work and I plan to keep them on hand for the boys lunches when school starts back. I read a study in Prevention magazine a few years ago that Pectin (found in apples) is a natural appetite suppressant too. Don't skimp on the fruit!!

(7) Fresh Broccoli. Last but not certainly least. I eat this just about every day. It is one of those super foods that is so healthy for you. I eat it raw, steamed or blanched (my favorite way but that takes a bit of work so I don't have it that way too often). I found that you can buy a bag of precut broccoli (ready to steam in the plastic bag) in the produce section so that is great to eat raw out of the bag, or just add a handful to a salad. I DO NOT steam anything in a plastic bag (due to the risk of toxins getting into the food). I steam in a stainless steel steamer on the stovetop - not as fast as the microwave, but still quick and the taste is way better.

Ok, I'll add more if I think of it, but these things have really helped me over the past several weeks. PS - did I mention that I was 126 on the scale this am!?!?! Woot-woot but not going to count it yet until I get on the scale Tuesday am. Just need to get through the weekend (holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed)....

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  1. Congrats! I just can't do raw broccoli. I know how good it is for you, but I just *can't*. I grew up near a broccoli farm and you don't want to KNOW how bad broccoli stinks after they harvest it and the rest rots in the field as we ran past for cross country training! :P It's scarred me for life! :)

    Congrats on the scale! I need to get back to it now that I'm home from traveling. :)