Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was just working on maintaining my weight - sticking to exercise and eating healthy
and low
the scale read 123 this am!!

I haven't been this weight since before I was pregnant with my first son!! Talk about motiviation - I am even more inspired on this health kick than ever.
I feel great.
My clothes are comfortable and look nice on me.
I am proud of myself.
I feel in control.

I am running 3-4 times a week, and logging about 3-4 miles each run. I had two running accomplishments to note this week -
(1) On Thursday I ran with someone for the first time. We ran 3 miles and I was dead tired at the end - it was a new trail and we were talking so it was much harder for me than normal but I was glad I did it.
(2) I ran very early on Saturday morning. I am a wanna-be morning runner (my runs are almost always in the evening). We had a very busy Saturday schedule: 2 soccer games; 2 birthday parties; my friends were coming over to crop in the evening and I needed to clean up and get ready for that. So the only time I could run was the am. I took Jack to his 8am soccer game (he had to be there at 7:30) and I did my 3.6 mile run during his warmups and the first part of the game. I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but I did and was fine. It gave me hope that I may someday be a morning runner after all. The only downside was that in my morning groggy haze, I didn't push the start button on my Nike+ wristband hard enough and didn't notice until after I had run about .4 of a mile! Ahhh - if I'm going to run I want credit for it!!

I'm now officially addicted to Nike+ by the way!!

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