Friday, February 19, 2010

1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, YIKES! The pounds creep back on...

Ok, between the holidays and not exercising regularly, my weight seemed to settle in around 120.  This week I hit 122 - a weight I haven't been in months.  This past week was rough:
(1) Virus circulated around our house, first I was home with DS2, then I was sick, then I was home with DS1 when he got it.
(2) Being home and not feeling well means that I was basically lounging around all day watching the Olympics and eating.  I tried to eat healthy, but with all the Valentine's Day candy in the house that was just not happening.  Plus popsicles felt so good on my sore throat.  Even though I had the all fruit kind, that is still way too much sugar.
(3) Despite being ill, I went out for a fancy dinner on Valentine's Day with my hubby and overinduged in food and drink.  It was soooo good though!

The virus has left the house, we are back into our normal routine, and hopefully soccer practice will resume next week if the weather is mild so I can get back to running.  I SO don't want this weight to come back so I need to do something about it before this 4 pounds turns to 8!!  Catching it early and getting back on track is key!

Hope everyone out there had a better week than I did.

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