Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still Going, a New Book, and The Far Reach of Broccoli

I realize I haven't been posting as much on here, so I'm hoping I will go back to at least 1 post per week.  I am doing great maintaining my weight-loss for the most part by eating a nutrient-dense diet.  Exercising is still a challenge for me.  I have the best intentions but then it doesn't seem to happen.  I really need to find my groove soon because I see my body fat percentage creeping up lately! 

I've gotten through most of the Dr. Furhman books I received for Christmas (listed here) and am in the process of reading another book by him titled "Disease Proof your Child." 
I'll be making some of the recipes from his books and posting about them soon.  My getting-healthy endeavor includes making sure my family is healthy as well.   My boys have always eaten way healthier than most American children - but of course there is a lot of room for improvement under Dr. Fuhrman's standards. [Side Note: I need to stop referring to him in the house though because the other day I asked Jack to make his bed and in a sarcastic tone he answered "Why, does Dr. Furhman think I should?"  Enough said.]

I have really stepped up the fruits and veggies lately, been trying out new foods, and been talking about nutrition quite a bit.   We had a incident eating out that made me feel great and is worth sharing.  We went out to dinner at a Chinese resturant over the weekend and instead of ordering two entrees and sharing them (as we used to do b/c it is family style), we only ordered one chicken dish and a large plate of steamed broccoli.  Well, the broccoli plate was just as large, if not larger, than the chicken plate and was perfectly cooked - bright green and still somewhat crunchy (and if you've been following this blog at all you know how much I love broccoli!).  We all enjoyed it very much.  Towards the end of our meal, a woman who had been sitting at a table near ours walked over and said,

"Excuse me ma'am but can I ask you how you get your children to eat all those vegetables??" 

I thanked her for noticing and told her it is not always easy but I just keep trying.  After she left, Jack said "You really liked that question, didn't you Mom?"  You bet I did.  My husband's comment was the best though - he said what is really sad is that it is such an unusual sight to see children eating (and enjoying) vegetables that someone had to actually stop and ask about it.  So now I feel like I'm not just setting an example for my family, but my family can be helping to set an example out in the community.  Broccoli knows no bounds -- Pass it on!


  1. What a great story! They must have a great steamer for the broccoli, even your description of it is making me hungry! :)

  2. HI Jenn-
    Your blog is great. I am also from StLouis (Chesterfield area)and my DH always orders vegetables in restaurants. Just wondering where you went to get good broccoli? My kids all grown up now love veges. My 19 yr old DD loves Brussel Sprouts...LOL. If you could just email me and let me know where they are good I would appreciate it. Thanks