Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beware of Sucralose!

My food label reading has expanded to not only include the info in the box, but also to include a detailed reading of the ingredients in what I am eating. Since I have been trying to eat mostly all natural foods and watching my sugar intake, I have noticed that a lot of foods labeled "Low Sugar" or "Reduced Sugar" actually contain an artificial sweetener. Now it used to be that those foods would have a nutri-sweet or splenda (more recently) logo somewhere on the package so one would instantly know there was an artificial sweetener involved. But nowadays these packages are in natural colors sans logo, and include whole grains -- giving the appearance of a wholesome natural choice. But buyer beware and READ THOSE LABELS! I recently found that the Quaker "Low Sugar" and "Weight Control" oatmeals include the artificial sweetener 'sucralose' - same thing as splenda. Yes I know Splenda is supposed to be safe, yada yada, but do some googling on sucralose and you'll find it linked to a myriad of problems in large quantities.  Anyhow, I just want to know what I am eating so I'm reading the ingredients on all food packages very closely now.  My goal at reducing my sugar intake is not to simply substitute and fill myself with tons of artificial chemicals. No thanks - I think I'd rather have the actual sugar!

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  1. Jenn,

    I saw your comment on Jana's blog. (Asking about a Vita-Mix)
    I too have one, I purchased it well over a year ago. I love it. It is terribly exspensive. However, right before Christmas my husband and I were in Sam's. Sam's had a special on Vita-Mix's! It was considerably lower than what I paid! I was upset! I comforted myself that it didn't come with the extra pitcher/DVD etc... Big deal, I rarely use those. I could have saved a couple hundred. I hope you can get one from Sam's, maybe on-line. I haven't seen them in the store since Christmas. Good Luck!