Thursday, January 7, 2010


So I'm a bit late in actually posting my 2010 Resolutions because I really wanted to make sure my goals were challenging but attainable.  So here they are (well the ones related to health anyhow):
(1)  Reduce the amount of sugar in my diet.  I am proud to say that overall I eat very healthy - way more fruits and veggies than the average person - but my one downfall is my sweet tooth.  I would love to say I was going to cut out sugar alltogether, however, sugar is in so many things that would not be realistic.  Therefore, my resolution is to greatly reduce the sugar in my diet - substituting natural sweet foods like fresh or dried fruits when possible, choosing low sugar versions of various foods/condiments, etc. 
(2)  Stepping up my Nutritarian diet.  I really moved towards Dr. Fuhrman's goal of 80-90% nutrient dense plant foods last year, but still could make a few other adjustments.  I'm probably at a 60-70% rate on average, so I'd like to step that up to 70-80%.  Reducing sugar will help, but I also need to break out of my broccoli rut and incorporate new vegetables into my diet.  I am still keeping my food journal but really only for calories and to determine plant food percentages.  I might try to make my own new version of a food journal for purposes of this quest. 
(3)  Get back into running.  My hip injury sidelined me in September and I've never quite found my groove again.  I have tried other exercises, but nothing gives me the feeling that running does.  So I may need to go slow or get some PT to help along the way, but I'm bound and determined to get back into it.  I plan to look for and sign up for a 5k in the next few months.  Maybe I can find a St. Patty's Day run somewhere.

Ok, so that is where I am for now.  I'm proud that I have been able to maintain my weight loss despite my injury and the holidays, but I know there is more I can do to get myself into a totally healthy lifestyle.  The Christmas cookie stomach and head ache sent me a message loud and clear that I feel so much better when I am eating ultra healthy!

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