Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ok, So the Cookies are Catching Up to Me...

Scale was up a bit this week, but I think I am also retaining water.  My scale also shows water levels (even though I don't post those on my weight tracker) and yesterday it was 54% (I am usually 52% water).  It is creepy to think that we are made up of so much water - LOL!  Anyhow, I'm not going to panic about being up a bit - the holidays are almost over.  We're hosting New Year's at our house, so I can control the food offerings.  After attending several holiday events where I had to scrounge from the provided food, I realize that being in control of your meals is half the battle of the holidays.  I'm in the process of trying to memoralize my New Year's Resolutions.  I've got an idea of what I am going to 'resolve' but haven't put pen to paper yet.  I will post my official resolutions on January 1, 2010. 

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

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