Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Scale, New Motivation!

Ok, so I survived Thanksgiving without too much damage.  I didn't deprive myself, just exercised portion control and ate as many veggies as possible.  I also did a brisk walk/jog with my sister on Thanksgiving day to get my metabolism going before dinner.  I hope everyone else did well and had a blessed Thanksgiving.

I decided it was finally time to replace my 15+ year old bathroom scale.  I had heard great things about the Tanita scales because they also measure your body fat by sending a mild, harmles charge through your body (way more accurate than skin calipers, but of course not as good as a DEXA or hydrostatic scan).

So I bought a Tanita scale at Bed Bath and Beyond.  This is the one I ended up with Model BF-679W.  It measures weight, body fat and water.

I originally bought a more expensive model with more features (it also measured bone density and calculated your metabolic age), but it was complicated to use and slid around on my tile floor.  So I exchanged it for this one that was on clearance for $34! 

I was a bit nervous that I would weigh like 5 pounds more on the new scale, but was happy to see that my old scale was no more than a pound off.   I did all the readings for both myself and DH or the original more complicated scale, and we both got a big chuckle that my metabolic age was 14 and his was 31. So now I keep telling him this marriage is not legal!  I wouldn't put too much emphasis on that age thing though as far as accuracy goes - I totally don't feel 14!  LOL!

So this AM on my new scale, I weighed 119.4 and had 22.5% body fat and 53.5% water.  All within a healthy range for me.  I'm hopeful the fat percentage calculation keeps me on track to exercise.  My Nike+ Mini is getting mad that I'm not running more often (check her out by scrolling down and looking for her on the right hand column of this blog).

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