Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holding Steady and New Books!

Boy, cookies might be my biggest food challenge ever.  My food journal this past week is comical - mostly healthy but with a few entries of "6 Cookies" here an there - LOL!  Moderation is going well, with the exception of Christmas Day itself - I think I ate mostly cookies on that day - but my body didn't let it slide by - I went to bed with both a stomach ache and a headache.  Yesterday was a 'detox' day for me, full of tons of fruits and veggies and water.

I did get a few inspirational healthy items for Christmas.  If you have followed this blog at all, you know that I love to read health and nutrition books, and that I am a fan of Dr. Joel Furhman.  So I was very happy to unwrap the following books:

This 2 book set is somewhat of a continuation of his best-selling book, Eat To Live (a MUST read for anyone interested in good health).  To Dr. Fuhrman, getting skinny is really a side-effect of getting healthy.  I probably should have named my blog The Gettin' Healthy Scrapper!  I also received this companion guide, which is a handy reference to the level of nutrient desity of various foods:

The last Dr. Furhman book I received may seem radical, and NO I don't intend to try any kind of fast, but I do find the medical theories fascinating:

I've never been one to believe in the idea that we all need to eat breakfast right when we wake up, and then eat every few hours all day long.  Anytime I have followed that philosophy, I haven't been able to lose weight.  I have learned that it is OK for my stomach to be empty, and I actually have been able to manage my weight better by not eating breakfast, and by not eating constantly all day, so this book title intrigued me. 

Ok, the last book I received is not a Dr. Furhman book, but it is a famous book on nutrition analyzing the findings of the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted:

So, it looks like I will be super busy reading the first few months of the year!  If you are interested in getting healthy and losing weight, I encourage you to read as much as you can about health, nutrition and fitness - and to do so with a critical eye.  There is a lot of mis-information out there, and a lot of conflicting information, so you need to read several books and follow what makes the most sense to you.  I hope everyone had a a happy and blessed Christmas!!

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