Monday, December 13, 2010

Fat Free Holiday Baking

Holiday traditions don't have to be all about the food - my son and I "baked" up these charms using the Cricut Imagine machine and some Shrinky Dink film.  It was a fun activity that took actually the better part of a day to do (needed 2 trips to Michaels to get the various supplies and we botched up the first set - haha) but even the mistakes were fun and we ended up with a homemade gift for my nieces and nephews.
On a food note, I am finally feeling back in control of things.  I'm not back into an exercise routine yet, but I am way more active and am back to eating a large quantity of vegetables each day.  And I mean large as in 2-3 fruits plus about 5-6 servings of vegetables/legumes (according to normal American diet standards) per day.  It is funny that I can see a direct relationship to my weight loss and the amount of vegetables I eat.  It's almost like they insulate my body from absorbing all of the other stuff.   I'm looking forward to some White Bean and Kale soup for dinner tonight.

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