Thursday, July 2, 2009

Note to Self......

Never check the WW points after you have eaten something bad. Monday was my husband's birthday and he wanted a Dairy Queen cake - so that's what he got. I had a piece and figured I'd record the points later. How bad could it be - there is no cake in a DQ cake - all ice cream, which is actually ice milk, right? Can't be that bad, can it?
So I looked it up on line, figuring that it would be about 5-6 points.
Yes 15 points! That's practically a days worth!!
Ok, so I ate it. What's done is done. Good thing it was at the beginning of the week. Time to move on...

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I would have thought the same thing! What a big shocker! I read an article online that talked about the shocking amounts of calories in food at places like TGI Friday's, Chili's, etc. Like getting a Buffalo Wings salad was MORE calories than just getting the Buffalo Wings. What? This losing weight thing is frustrating sometimes.