Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Wow! First of all, many thanks to everyone who left a comment yesterday - it got me even more motivated! I have lots to report today, and I have set my first and second benchmarks.

Today I registered for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k that is in my city on this Saturday - YES as in 3 days from now. No, I'm not crazy - it is a run/walk so my goal is simply to actually show up (baby steps here) and complete the race. I plan to jog as much as I can and powerwalk the rest. I figure if I am looking for inspiration, there is no better place to go than to this event - they are expecting 60,000 participants! It starts at 7am and I am so afraid that I am just going to hit snooze on the alarm and go back to sleep, thus I am putting it out here to make sure I do it! Ok, so that is Benchmark 1.

I found Benchmark 2 in my registration packet - it was a flyer for another 5k on July 12th so my goal is to be able to run the whole thing. I would have about 4 weeks to train so I think I can do it. What great material for scrapbook pages these 5k's will be!!

My hip is feeling better - between ice and motrin I was able to control the damage (I think). Yesterday I just did arm work because even the sit-ups were bothering it and I wanted to make sure I gave it enough rest. I adjusted my WW points lower and ate under 20 points due to the lack of exercise. I stopped at Target today and picked up some swim goggles. I plan to add some lap swimming this summer especially if my hip starts acting up again - no stress on the joints so no excuses!

Today I was able to get back on the treadmill and completed my 2 miles - this time in 29 minutes, but I did slow down a couple of times and walked. My running pace was faster though and I found this workout more difficult than Monday's. I was hoping that the workouts would get easier, but I guess it will take a while before I turn the corner. Today was busy so I didn't get a chance to start exercising until this evening (as in 8:30pm) but I'm glad I didn't skip it - I'm really feeling good now - so much so that I'm about to do the 8 Minute Abs video.

To all those that are on a similar quest, keep on keepin on........


  1. Hooray! I wonder if Netflix has 8 Minute Abs so I can try it out...!

  2. Cameron - I highly recommend the 8 Minute Abs video - of all the exercise videos I have purchased in my life (and there have been many) - I have actually gotten use out of this one. Even my husband likes to do it!
    PS I read your comment yesterday and I totally know what you mean about missing the glass of wine!! Thanks so much for checking in!

  3. Way to go!!! You can do it!! Don't hit snooze, just tell yourself the night before that you ARE going to get up and do a 5k!! You can do it!!!