Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Challenges

Ok, I had family in town for the weekend and a holdiay, both of which always get me out of whack - but I was determined not to get off course this time. We ate dinner out last night, and although I made good food choices, I ate too much (I estimate about 29 points for the day). But I made sure to do my running/powerwalking in the evening. I ran outside again - it really makes the workout go faster. I was still 134 on my scale this am, so I hope if I have a low point day today I can avoid any damage.

I also figured out my block is exactly 1.o mile - soooo great for knowing how far I've gone. I'm trying to run at a decent pace and then powerwalk as needed. I about 2.25 miles yesterday in 30 minutes which was good considering the heat. This afternoon we are headed to the pool so I hope to try out my new swimming goggles. I'm making a flank steak dinner tonight (which I don't eat so I'll be able to make something point friendly for myself). Hope everyone has a nice Father's Day planned!!

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