Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eat to Live

I started re-reading this book last night:

I first read it a few years ago and was insprired to eat ultra-healthy. If you want to be grossed out about all of the processed, unhealthy and empty carlorie foods we eat, this book is for you.  He is especially concerned about childhood obesity.  His basic message is to eat nutrient dense foods, and he has helped many patients reverse disease and get off of medication just by transforming their diet. A great inspirational book for healthy eating.

A heads up though - this dude may seem a bit radical to you but keep in mind he has the data to support his claims of disease reversal - just think about that!  I could not stick to his ideal diet exactly forever, but the underlying messages are good and most of what he recommends can easily be incorporated into anyone's diet.  I am trying to follow the basic principles and eat primarily nutrient dense plant foods so that they make up 80% of the food I eat on a daily basis.  I don't eat red meat so I'm good there, but I do eat some dairy (he is anti-dairy).  I strive for 80%, but from looking at my food journal it is really more like 60-70%, but I'm trying!!

My only complaint is that this book could have used another edit - he tends to repeat himself sometimes (I'm sure which is just due to his passion for the subject).  The book does have some really catchy chapter titles such as "Digging our graves with knives and forks." It is an easy read, interesting, and a good reminder of why we need to eat healthy.  I recommend it to everyone!

If you read it (or have already read it), let me know what you think!

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