Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Hello and What time of day do you exercise??

Got myself into a bit of an exercise quandry this week. Tomorrow am (Saturday) is the Race for the Cure and yesterday (Thursday) was my rest day. So what to do for today?? I have been doing my workouts after work, but I didn't want to do that tonight so close to the 5k. Had I planned better I would have made yesterday an exercise day and today rest, but it is what it is. So as I started to drink my morning coffee I realized that I could do a bit of exercise this am and still have almost 24 hours to rest before the race. So I got myself on the treadmill - did about 1.5 miles (not sure exactly how much I did because I triggered the emergency stop button by accident and my time and distance were erased :-( ). Anyhow, I also did my arm weights and some stretching. I got to work late, but I was happy I took the time to exercise in the morning.

I really would like to try to workout in the mornings, but my body is so used to the routine of dragging myself out of bed, pouring a cup of coffee down my throat and getting in the shower. Today showed me I could exercise before the coffee [side note here - coffee is a very significant part of my life so this was quite a moment] and survive. It really makes more sense to exercise in the am - I don't like to go to bed all sweaty and taking 2 showers per day is just not efficient. Plus our evenings tend to fill up with activities for the boys so trying to get in a workout on a busy evening is difficult. So I'm going to attempt to workout in the mornings at least a few days per week. We'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow bright and early is the Race for the Cure. I'm pre-registered so all I need to do is get myself up and dressed and down to the starting line. I'll check in tomorrow to post how I did!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! :) I tend to work-out in the early afternoon but I wish I could get myself to the gym first thing in the morning! It's supposed to be a lot better for you and you get more out of your workout, boost your metabolism, etc.