Thursday, June 25, 2009

Will This Ever Get Easier???

The running is still hard for me - I thought it would be getting easier by now, but no such luck. I ran outside this evening (in close to 90 degree heat with no breeze) and was about to pass out after the first mile. I clocked in at just under 12 minutes, which is good for me, but then the second mile I did in 15 minutes - walking mostly. After that I had to get out of the heat! Hubby and I did the 8 minute abs video later and I also tried out the 8 minute arms video and couldn't get through the whole thing with my 5 lb weights. I'm going to try to work through it though.

My second benchmark 5k is July 12th so I only have about 2 weeks to get ready. I'm getting a bit nervous that the heat is going to do me in. The weather was perfect when I did the Race for the Cure - high 60's with a light breeze. I sure hope Mother Nature is kind here on July 12th!!

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  1. I hate to tell you, but no, it won't get easier! Because as we get stronger we push ourselves more, so it always stays hard! :) The heat is hard, though, make sure to take it easy and drink tons of water. And sometimes there are just "off" days, too, so just keep at it! :) [Hmmm, who am I talking to here, you or myself? LOL]